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17HP4 CRT Tube Wanted

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Just got me a Firestone TV from 1960. It is in absolute mint condition, except for the fact that it has a slew of electronic problems, that's why I'm here. Anyway, one of the problems I was hoping it didn't have - is that the heater is open on the CRT. It calls for a 17HP4 CRT, anyone know where I can find one of these? Even a used one I can rejuvenate, just as long as it doesn't have THIS problem, or others the tube would need to be opened (unless you know of a process of replacing the heater, re-vacuuming and resealing the CRT).

17HP4 - Also cross references are 17HP4A, 17HP4B, 17RP4, 17RP4C (CRT)

Know one for sale, or any way to point me in the right direction let me know, thanks.



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