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19-22 inch LCD for under $450.00 for gaming?

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Hey guys, can anyone help me with what LCD to get for gaming on my 360 and wii? I will be playing primarily FPS and want as little ghosting as possible. How are the new lines for Samsung in the 19-22 inch sizes? I am pretty clueless about this so any help would be great.


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You should have a feast day if that is your budget for a TV that small. I wouldn't pay that much for a 26 inch let alone a 19 or 22. So you should have the pick of the litter.
Would a Samsung in that range give me any ghosting problems? I just want to know the best 22 inch i can get basically where i wouldnt have to worry about ghosting and lag.

Thanks again
Don't think you will find that many people that game on a 19-22 or 26 inch. Suggest looking into a 32 inch and if possible come up with additional $100-$200 for more choices.
Any specific reason for the 19-22" monitor? Also, what else will this be used for, or will it just be used for gaming with your 360? You can definitely find a 22" IPS or similar monitor with HDMI input in that range, but is it really worth it, that is left up to you.
What 32 inch would be ideal then? No huge reason for 19-22 im just in a small room at the moment since i just made a move for a job and am living with family. I played competitive halo 1 and always did so on a 20 inch but that was obviously quite some time again. I just dont want to run into problems with ghosting or lag when modern warfare 2 etc. comes out. So i guess what 32 inch tvs are the most bang for the buck? Thanks for the help so far guys.
Look into Samsung LN32B460 and LG 32LH20.

If you have a membership with Costco or Sams Club: Samsung LN32B540
Or you can do the same at Costco/Sam's Club and get a VO320E.... but I would take a look at them all and make a decision based on your criteria.
I have the ln32b460 and it's a p.o.s., haha, only because I have a C Panel with exhibits mucho ghosting. I previously had an LN32B360 that destroyed it, but it was an S Panel so there's really no comparison.
Would be nice if Samsung allowed consumers to call in to get a replacement model if they've been duped with an "C" or "A" panel, but they say there's no difference, lol.
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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