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Hey all

Just moved into a new house with some friends, and we're getting pretty psyched about settling in by mounting my Samsung LN-T4065 on the wall in the living room (I absolutely love that TV!). However, I enjoy playing games and I know that can get on peoples' nerves somewhat. Also, I don't want to be caught without a TV if the roommates are using it so I figured I'd invest in a smaller TV/Monitor for my room that I can hook both my computer and game systems up to.

Now I'm a little backwards... the most important thing to me is pixel pitch. If I could get a 19" LCD that does 1920x1200, I'd buy it over a 24". I'm going to be mainly using it as a secondary computer monitor, so I'm going to be sitting relatively close to the screen most of the time - compared to a TV in a living room - meaning I won't have any trouble seeing smaller pixels.

While the minimum I'm looking for is 1080p mainly for consoles and Blu-Ray playback, I'd really like to get one that did 1920x1200, since when using a PC that little bit of vertical space means quite a bit (especially when using Matlab).

In short...



HDMI Input

DVI Input

Minimum 1080p

Digital sound output

Would love it to have:


2nd HDMI input

VGA Input

Optical sound output

S/PDIF output - If I can't get optical, this will do

16:10 - 1920x1200

Nice extras:

RCA Inputs - Not really necessary, as I can always get a cheapo TV tuner for my PC for anything that needs viewing

USB - I don't know why a lot of monitors have it, but one can never have enough USB ports

I have had really good luck with Samsung TVs in the past, though I don't have any particular brand loyalty. Panel type doesn't really matter to me, as long as it has
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