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1912 OSD is Intermittent

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I have an AVR-1912 which I have had brand new for about 3 months now, and I have loved it. However, it seems that after the recent firmware push that was released a couple weeks ago, the volume on screen display no longer works properly. Sometimes it shows up, and other times it will not show up unless i change to another input, such as BD, and then back to my CAB/SAT input. and then the volume bar will only show up for a few presses of the volume and then it goes away again. This is not a major deal, but if i want to press the channel select button, to adjust my sub volume, i can not view it until i change inputs and then back to CAB/SAT. I have reset the microprosessor as instructed by Denon, and reset up my receiver, this did not fix the issue. I have also done an HDMI reset, as per Denon, by unplugging all HDMI cables and then reseating them all. This of course did not fix the issue either, but i tried.

Denon told me they have no record of this type of issue and that maybe i should call a service center. All the service center told me i could do is bring the receiver in and drop it off for four weeks minimum. This is not acceptable to me of course as it is brand new. I am guessing this is relaated to the firmware upgrade, but i cannot be for sure. Has anyone else had this issue?

I have my 1912, with a Directv receiver connected to it, and one sony bd player connected to the BD input, and then i have the 1912 connected to my Samsung LED tv via the monitor out connection. All HDMI cables are used.

Thanks in advacne for any thoughts.
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Welcome to AVS Forum.

This is more likely the result of a recent firmare update to your DirecTV box as it has caused similar problems with other Denon model owners as well as owners of other brands of AVRs.

For more information on your new 1912, join us in the Denon AVR-XX12 Owner's thread linked in my sig.
That does not make sense to me though. The directv box is connected to my 1912 via the CAB/SAT hdmi port, and my TV is connected via the monitor port. The volume bar is a function of the 1912 receiver, and not of the directv box. I'm not sure how the directv firmware could affect the denon osd from the monitor out port.
To be honest, i dont know. I have not tried to watch a movie on the BD input since this started happening. To get it to start working though, i switch to the BD input and then back to CAB/SAT input and the OSD starts working for a little while. Its not a major issue, just an annoyance. I mean, the option is supposed to work, and something is not working right. Denon says they know nothing of the issue and they dont really even seem to care.
You need to figure out if the issue is only with the DirecTV box, and if yes, like I said .. it's the DirecTV box's fault so call DirecTV to complain as other DirecTV customers have done.
i tried a movie out on my system last night, and you are correct. the OSD works just fine while on another input other than my Directv. That is so strange though. I cannot imagine that anything Directv pushed could fault an overlay from the Denon. Is that what the case is then? If so, that is fine, i will just wait for Directv to fix it. I am happy to know that my receiver is not the issue. thanks for the info!
Yes, it's an issue with DirecTV. Either bypass the AVR or connect component until a firmware update that resolves the issue is pushed to the box.
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