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I'll start by saying that I do not have any vinyl records yet, but I'm interested in starting a small collection.

I'm also in the process of decorating my living room, and I need a console table/credenza/buffet/sideboard/whatever you want to call it to finish the room.

For $500, I can get a Zenith console stereo with a 2G Micro Touch changer, circa 1964, that would match my decor nicely. There cabinet is in good shape, all of the caps have been replaced, and the turntable mechanisms have been cleaned and serviced.

I know that even back in the day, these were only mid level products, but I'm not looking for audiophile quality components. And I doubt I could buy a new table and a decent turntable for less than $500 total.

Am I killing two birds with one stone, or is this old record player more trouble than it's worth? What are some of the things I should look for if I decide to buy?

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