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1Ghz or 2Ghz Splitter

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I'm in the process of planning what components I need for running two runs of RG6 to almost every room. The idea is that two runs would be required for satellite Tivo, or Satellite and separate Antennae, or digital cable and antennae, or digital cable and satellite, etc....

I'm going to be installing a Leviton structured media center and running everything through there. My question is are 2 GHz or 1 GHz splitters preferable given that digital cable or antenna could run through these splitters? I'm leaning toward 2 GHz with the more bandwidth is better policy, but sometimes signal attenuation can be good for high-frequency noise, etc...

Here are the splitters I'm looking at:

Thanks for the help.
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Cable television & VHF/UHF services are restricted to below the 1000MHz threshold. In addition you cannot split DBS signal (well .... you can under some very specific conditions; but not in your application). So really all you need are 5-1000 MHz splitters if you will be receiving terrestrial based signals. High frequency splitters would simply be overkill.
I thought digital cable might go over the 1 GHz threshold. If not, what exactly would 2 GHz splitters be used for then?
In a multiple unit setting sometimes one might set up a mini-qam system with multiple satellite receivers in one room, modulated out to all the units. That sort of splitter might be of use then.
Originally posted by Damonb10
I thought digital cable might go over the 1 GHz threshold.
Been awhile since my MSO days, so someone else might have a more exacting answer. As I remember, that spectrum was all that was allocated for those purposes per the FCC. With DBS gobbling up 1 to 2.3 GHz (plus 11-13 GHz on the downstream before the LNBf) there may be issues with an MSO trying to broadcast within the same spectrum.

As for other uses of a high frequency splitter; Distribution for L-Band (stacked) DBS systems is the first thing that comes to mind. You can also (kids please don't try this at home) split the signal off of each leg of an LNB prior to going into a pair of multi switches. I'm sure someone has even more uses, those are just the most common ones I can think of.
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