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I have a new couch and I love it. Its a 3 seat couch with 2 recliners at the ends. And that is where we sit as the middle drops down. Now its nota love seat but a 3 seat couch, just no body will ever sit in the middle as its just me and her. Now my question is. how do I set up the speakers so its sounds good for both ends of the couch? I am going to to the triangle speaker thing up front, but don't know if I should toe or not, (have klipsch klf 20) and the sides are at 90 degress so no issues there. but I dont know how to place the LCR and Wides and the rears now that there is no one sitting in the center.

Speakers are

klf 20 LR

Bic pl-28 center

klf 10 sides

bic pl 89 wides and rears.

Any help would be great. And I sit back 9 feet from the tv.
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