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didn't find much by searching here which surprised me. reviews are good and although i'm still setting mine up, i find it a very impressive combination of hardware and software. it has android 5.x and runs nearly anything that doesn't require a camera or a gps or a phone.

the only real issue i see so far is that it's a battery hog. i can charge it all the way and just leaving it in airplane mode with the screen off for two hours will drain 25%. but i'm currently trying the /stand alone/ mode and that works much better--i suspect pioneer might have had to add it because of the battery drain. with the screen on and music playing it can draw 750mah according to my battery monitor.

so, do any owners have any pros, cons, and/or tips for me? i had to research hi-res music formats and i'm kicking myself in the butt for ripping all my cds to itunes in 192khz mode instead of lossless and all my cds are lost in a move and i doubt i'd have the patience and resolve to start ripping all over again even if i could find which box they're in. but i did get an album of dsd test tracks so i can test out everything along with a couple of hi-res albums which i had the mp3s of so i could compare.

i joined the massdrop for their sennheiser hd6xx's, but those won't come until the end of march. i ordered the pioneer balanced earbuds so i could try that mode and i have some sony headphones coming tomorrow.

oh, i remembered the worst issue--volume. as in, there is none. i've tried direct input and bluetooth and even with the volume at 160 (max) it is pathetic. i've turned the /gain/ up to high and even created an eq setting that's +4.5db and even that is barely enough and i'm probably injecting distortion into the mix by doing that. i do have an amp coming which will handle up to dsd format though and i hope that will solve the issue although who wants to carry around two devices--it's no longer a portable system.

tks, /guy
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