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     Hello this is my first post though I have lurked in the shadows gathering info on and off for awhile now.  I wanted to try sharing info back with everyone basically as a little thanks for the info I have gathered.  Please forgive the non scientific and rookie comments/info but I am a rookie and I do not have scientific tools around to use.  Some of this info is just my personal take on what I looked at and heard.

     I recently decided to upgrade one of my home stereo systems when I started hearing a popping sound coming from the left channel of my 90s model Sony receiver.  As of now in my computer room/office/spare bedroom (lost the man cave to my first child 2 years ago) I have a Sony STR-SE391 receiver, 2 KLH 12" 3 way floor speakers and 2 KLH 6 1/2" 2 way bookshelf speakers.  All this was bought in the mid to late 90s.  I have recently ordered a 5.1 set up made up of the BIC Acoustech PL-89II x2, PL-28II x1, Pl-66 x2 and 1 Pl-200 sub.  I also purchased a Yamaha RX-V773WA at a discounted price all thanks to reviews and info I gathered from this site.

     At this time I only have the PL-200 hooked up to the old Sony to give my thoughts on. I had recently purchased a F-12 subwoofer also from BIC but after receiving it and seeing damage from shipping (box had hole and speaker terminal on back was damaged) and poor build quality (woofer was not centered in ring almost to the point of rubbing surround and had glue all over cone with globs around the cap) I had decided to go ahead and get the full set mentioned above.  Below is just a little technical data and thoughts on what I listened to this evening while I had a chance. 



                                                                        F-12                                  vs                              PL-200


Dimensions                        14 3/4" w x 17 1/2" d x 16 1/2" t  (3/4" grill)            14 3/4"w x 19 1/2" d x 16 1/2" t  (5/8" grill)    


Port size (not exact sorry)              3"x7" main tube but with flares over all length 9" +/- 1/2" for both subwoofers         


Crossover                                                40hz - 180hz                                                        30hz - 90hz


Power (per BIC)                                 150RMS - 475 peak                                           250RMS - 1000 peak


Woofer material                                               Poly                                                              Coated paper


     Ok now for some random observations.  The woofer basket/motor/magnet looked the same on both from what I could tell through ports with inspection mirror.  Like I said above I was sending one back due to some issues and didn't want to remove the woofer to further examine.  The cabinet build seems to be similar though the F-12 had a full double panel on the front vs a pieced in double on the PL-200 (again from what I could tell through port).  The grills were held on with the same clips but the PL-200 stayed on better, I believe due to the cabinet over hangs on top and bottom.  The F-12 looked much cleaner with the grill off due to the ring around woofer and the poly/slick woofer looks better to me than the rough coated paper woofer with no ring covering mounting screws.  Both cabinets looked fine thought I prefer the simpler look of the F-12.  The amps look similar with a few differences such as the crossover and the PL-200 having slashes on the volume where as the F-12 uses numbers.  The amp plate on the PL-200 is also labeled as a BASH which I have seen mentioned here a few times.  Forgive me but I haven't studied that and don't know what it means yet. 

     Now to get real unscientific data  I used an iPhone DB app with test tones to get readings.  I tried to set both at 90hz and the same volume level (dead center to my best ability with receiver at 1/3 volume for both).  I believe both put out the highest reading on the 60-51hz sweep with the f-12 showing 85db and the PL-200 90db.  Now seeing that was an iPhone I also went by ear. The PL-200 sounded much cleaner/tighter and actually sounded louder during the 70-61hz sweep.  Unfortunately I didn't really get much time with the F-12 as I knew it was going back so I didn't think it was right to really try it out....really I shouldn't even have hooked it up knowing I was sending it back for the issues listed above but I wanted to hear what I had originally bought to keep and had thought about getting another for the living room.  Anyway I hope this is helpful to someone and please forgive for the wall of blabbering text on my first post :).
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