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Ok, let me start off by saying I'm new to this forum and need some help! I'm looking for a cost effective solution for my situation: I'm putting an addition on my house and the walls are all open right now.

My goal is to have speakers in 3 or 4 rooms. I'm thinking that I'll run speaker wire to the rooms, with all the wires coming back to a central spot inside a kitchen closet (home base for a receiver).

My source of music right now is on my external hard drive which is attached to my iMac, which is in the basement (1 floor below home base).

What is the best option for me to play music from the external hard drive in the basement, yet control the volume and song selection from the upstairs kitchen?

I'm not planning to connect any surround sound tv to the receiver, but mainly because the tv is in another room - could that even be an option???

1. buy another external hard drive, load the music, and connect it to the new receiver via USB port?

2. Hard wire the receiver to the computer 1 floor below (don't want to do this!)

3. Wireless receiver? - If so, any recommendations??? looking to spend around $400 or less.

4. Apple Airport? not sure how this works

5. Just load the songs onto an ipod and connect to the receiver - (then I need to buy a new ipod along with a receiver)

6. Don't run speaker wire - use wireless speakers

7. Receiver with a hard drive & load songs directly to receiver - any recommendations???

Sorry for the long-winded post. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. I'm really confused about this whole thing and don't know all the options available. I'm looking to spend $400 or less (not including the speakers and speaker wire) Thank you!!!!

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to set up a system that meets your desire for not only remote speakers, but remote control of the system, I suggest you consider an actual "whole house" multi-zone audio distribution system. A good source for information and reasonable prices on systems is HTD http://www.htd.com/whole-house-audio...4Pa38Ta38Rbxb0

their system allow multiple sources and multiple zones, controlled by remote in-wall controllers over CAT5 cable. So for at least this system you would need a pair of speaker cables running to each room for the stereo pair of speakers and a CAT5 cable running to a single gang outlet box in the wall for the controller. Everything would "home run" to the equipment location (make sure you have added a 120v outlet in that location, as well as some way to handle any heat buildup).

There are also some systems (sorry, manufacturer slips my memory) that actually stream digital audio over CAT5 to a room, but then you have to add a digital to analog adapter/controller/amp in each room to power the speakers.

I would not recommend wireless - far too much interference from other 2.4Ghz devices like cordless phones, wifi adapters, and microwave ovens
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