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I currently have a 2.1 Klisch Pro Media setup used with my PC. I have read many threads in this forum about setups. I am considering 3 options and I would like some feedback regarding sound quality and costs. I obviously want the best sound for the lowest cost so I'm not looking to spend more than $200-$300.

I listen to music mostly. I just converted all my IPOD music to lossless and notice an immediate clarity and fullness with existing speakers.

Option 1 - Keep what I have which is not bad because it won't cost me anything and the sound is really not bad considering and I get the .1 in the setup.

Option 2 - Switch to somthing like the M-Audio Studiophile 40. I can get these for $150to $200 for the pair. I have a Guitar Center hookup so I might be able to get for much less or a better speaker for the same amount.

Option 3 - By an AVR. I am considering these receivers;

HK AVR 146

Marantz SR 3001

Onkyo TSR 506

Yamaha HT 6040

Pioneer VSX-818V-K

I know it's opinion but I dount I will get to hear these receivers in a store. Which will sound the best for music? Speaker suggestions appreciated.

My sound card has digital out. Not sure how much better the sound will be using digital out to the receiver verus powered speakers.

Option 3 would also require purchasing speakers so overal the cost will be more. Is the sound produced by digital connection through an AVR better than the analog through powered speakers?

HDMI is not really important because I mostly listen to music.
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