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Hey gang, I've been going the headphone route for a while because I'm a college student with little cash available for speakers. Lately I've been interning(yay) and saved up some money. I'd like to spend at most $1.5k at preferably around $900-1000. Of course I'd be buying used from sites such as our very own buy/sell/trade as well as audiogon or other site you can recommend me.

Well down to business.. I really want a 2.0 or 2.1(if sub is really necessary) system with floor standing(for my own aesthetic needs) speakers for the above said budget. I will be using the speakers connected to an onkyo receiver(can't remember model# off the top of my head) to watch movies, play video games, and listen to music with. Mostly for music. I listen to mostly alternative rock and pop(including rap and today's rnb)So far from researching this forum, speakers that have caught my eyes are the rti a9's, paradigm studio 60s,vienna bach's and the efe t-36's are really intriguing. I'll upgrade the receiver or add an amp down the road, right now i want some killer speakers!!!

Also I have a weird shaped living room which I took quite a while to draw and show you guys lol. I have no clue where I should place the speakers in this layout(where the a and b are?). Any recommendations are welcome.

dimensions are 200inches by 160. the difference between the tv wall and the window wall are 24 inches, the tv wall is 96 inches and the window wall is 104.

Thanks again guys

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I don't think you can go wrong with any of the speakers you suggested. All that I would say is that, given your tastes, you wouldn't want to skimp on the subwoofer. If I were you, I would make some more room in your budget for a good sub, or I would spend it all on great speakers now and save up for a great sub later. But going without a sub is leaving a lot of great sound out of your sound system. Hit us up in the subwoofer forum for sub recommendations when you set a budget for a subwoofer, if you should decide to get one. You will be glad you did.

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The issue with the placement you propose is that the A speaker will have a significantly different "acoustic" than the B speaker. Speaker B will suffer from SBIR, (Speaker Boundary Interface Response). The early reflections from the walls very close to B will combine with the direct sound from the speaker. This will cause some frequencies to be augmented, (constructive interference), while other frequencies are canceled, (destructive interference). The resulting sound will likely be bottom-heavy, with boomy bass, and hollow, indistinct mid's and high's.

OTOH, the A speaker will have much less SBIR and will sound more distinct and clear, but will have somewhat weak bass response due to little room reinforcement.

In your room, the "best" arrangement would be to straddle your TV across the corner and place your seating at an angle to view the TV. Then place your speakers on either side of the TV. If you get a sub, place it in the corner behind the TV cabinet, on the floor. You may need to move the desk to accomplish this.

If you need to use your currently proposed placement, your best bet is acoustically treat the side and rear walls. Use the thickest absorption you can accommodate:

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