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After reading this site every so often, I have begun to realize how mediocre my Logitech Z-2200 system is so I'm considering upgrading.

I want to have a 2.1 system for my computer that can play fairly loud and is of better quality in overall sound than my current setup. After doing a little research, I've found that a Sonic T-Amp is an excellent yet cheap way to go when searching for an amplifier. What I want to know is this:

a) Is it possible to use a Sonic T-Amp with a PC? If so, how would I go about doing so? (Which cables do I need, etc.)

b) Is it possible to have a 2.1 setup with a Sonic T-Amp for a computer? How would this work? What kind of sub do I need? What does that get powered with, etc.

c) Are there other amps available that would do a better job at this than the Sonic T-Amp? (If yes, what are they?)

Oh and the room this system would be in approximately 13x10 (give or take a foot or two)

And my budget is up to $300 for amp, speakers and anything else that's necessary.


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