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Originally I brought my first amp and subwoofer deal from Kenwood. Thus I will never buy a kenwood subwoofer ever again.I bought 2 KFC-w2512 subs with a KAC-7205....blew my two subs. Guess they were crap...the wires from the connectors hit my voice coil and killed em...awesome right? oh well, main topic.

Only problem I have at the moment is that My Kenwood 1000 watt amp cannot handle my audiobahns and is overheating. Although the only product I would recommend off of kenwood is the amp...because that thing can POUND.

I didn't want to go without bass in my car so I went ahead and bought 2 Audiobahns. I love these "Woofers" to death...nice look, nice beat, awesome quality. These audiobahn is the ALUM 10N series, 1,600 watt/800RMS, Dual voice coiled and I got two of them. So roughly looking at 3000 watt / 1400 rms max. I don't want to over power them. Been recommended just to get a 2000 watt amp but I can't find one that has a high RMS.. So question is...what kind of amp should I get for these audiobahns. Although I'd rather not spend a fortune on them because I have to get a dual box...because dumb me got 2 single boxes....why I have no clue.. and I got to upgrade my wires.

So bottom question, What kind of amp, amp kit and capacitor/ lightning cap should I get?
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