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Hello everyone,

I am putting together a home theater in a basement room with very low ceilings: 79" (6 foot 7 inches). The room is 20 deep by 24 wide, seating area around 16-18', throw distance around 17', ceiling mounted.

I have a couple of different options for this room, one of which I'd like your feedback on:

My wife and I bought beautiful (expensive) furniture less than a year ago (before I knew we'd be buying this house) and she has expressed a great interest in keeping it in the home theater if possible. From an aesthetic perspective, I agree with her, and my wife's acceptance of the cash I'm throwing towards this theater is important to both of us.

Entertaining the idea of keeping the furniture, I did some quick measuring and found that I could fit a 2.35 115" screen (Elite R115H-WIDE) above the center console of the furniture where my soon-to-be-demoted Kuro currently resides. That screen size would be fantastic as I'd like to take advantage of the lens memory on a projector such the AE8000 or RS46.

The problem I'm worried about is that the bottom of the screen would be sitting flush on top of the furniture (of course mounted, safely and sturdy) and furthermore, the top of the screen frame would be flush with the ceiling.

For 16:9 content, I'm not worried about this situation. The room is fully light controlled, ceilings will be black, walls dark, etc.

For 2.35 content, what happens to the black bar images that spill over the frame and thus, onto the furniture at the bottom of the screen and the ceiling at the top of the screen? I will not be using an Anamorphic Lens, just lens memory, therefore the black bars are being projected and in my case, I'm worried that they will be visible.

Does this problem make sense?

I realize I could just sell the furniture, buy the biggest screen possible, etc., etc. Trust me, I get it.

But entertain the setup above for a second: would the above situation work for 2.35 content given the flushed fit against the entertainment console base and ceiling?

Thanks for any insight you can give me!



Floor to Ceiling: 79"

Floor to top of furniture console: 28"

Elite R115H-WIDE overall height: 49.8"

79" - 28" - 49.8" = a little over an inch to spare. "Like a glove!"

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What color is the ceiling? Front wall? Console?
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