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First off I come from using a AE2000 with a lens to get my anomorph image.

I client I'm doing his basement for has just bought the new AE4000 and we can't find how to set the 2.35 image in the manual.

My source will be both bluray, std dvd and possibly d/l movies streamed to my PJ.

Do I do this first.

1) Project a 16:9 image of a movie which has the black bars and save that image as a preset

2) Then I zoom that image out to get to my 46x108 (2.35) image I want then have that image saved

3) I can then toggel btwn the 2 images incase I'm watching TV (16:9)

Is that how the Panny does 2.35 now?

Thanks for any input.

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Bob Whitefield has a couple really good posts in the main PT-AE4000U.

His post # 1478 covers vertical positioning:


His post # 2116 covers horizontal positioning:


Note that he's made a note on his horizontal positioning that the procedure may not work if your projector isn't centered horizontally.

Also note, I just got my projector installed and haven't even turned it on yet, so I've not had a chance to follow any procedures yet. But these are the two I'm going to follow first to set mine up with both 16:9 and 2.35:1 lens memory settings.
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