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2 ch. systems?

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I am considering the following systems:

A. Musical Fidelity X-100A (not too sure about the model number but it has 75 wpc and a remote control) integrated amp, Dynaudio Audiance 42, NAD C521 CD player.

B. 2 X nOrh mono block, Parasound P/HP850 preamp, Axiom M22ti, NAD C521 CD player.

Any comments or advices would be greatly appreciated!


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Personally, I'd probably go for setup #1 as I like Musical Fidelity gear and Dynaudio speakers. Seems like the resale would be better as well.
that's a toughy.

i'm partially attracted to the employment of mono-blocks, and think they are under rated, or at least, not very popular with all the choices one can step into these days.

maybe ditch the axioms for the dyna's?

I'd go with the first setup.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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