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2 channel amp help

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hello - my first post. while i am not completely ignorant in ht matters, i am not all knowing by a long shot so maybe one of you can help:

I am upgrading my current system to NAD 753 receiver and Asperion 5 series speakers (fronts, center and 2 surrounds). I also currently have installed outside Mirage oasis 5 omnisats. I know that I can just run the outside speakers through the "B" speaker selectors but would rather be able to listen to music on my patio while my 4 year old listens to cartoons in the living room :)

The NAD has multi-source output capability plus a second remote for this but not really sure what that means. I think it means that I can hook up a 2-channel amp through this and run the outdoor speakers into the amp - is this right and how does this work so I can accomplish what I want?

I have been looking at 2-channel amps and 2 I have found that look right are:

Speakercraft BB275

Niles SI-275

Are these any good (I have never heard of these brands) and would they do what I am asking?

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Why not get a NAD two channel amp (since you have a NAD receiver)???

...at least it will match (looks).
Niles is a well known brand in the industry, as is Speakercraft. Both specialize in whole-house audio, so they should work well for you. Contact their customer support for use in your system. But any 2 ch amp or even a stereo receiver will do, and may be cheaper. Consider a used 2 ch amp also - plenty at Audiogon, or a refurb H/K receiver (fully waranted) at harmanaudio.com or the H/K eBay store. Keep in mind outdoor speakers will not sound as loud without room enhancement you get indoors, so you need extra power if you want to turn them up - I would get at least 50 watts @ 8 ohms.
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