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Good 2 Channel Amp for martin Logan?

  • will Class D sound good on Martin Logan?

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  • HOw will i connect this to my AVR

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Hey AVS Folks! this will be my first post so If i make any stupid rookie mistakes please forgive them.

Lets get to the situation: I Currently have a Pair of Martin Logan Theos electrostatic speakers that i got for a crazy deal, (Close to Half off!) I also have a center, sub, and rear channel speakers that ive put together in the past couple of years. Right now the whole system is being pushed by a Marantz SR5009 AVR and an emotiva upa 200 (unfortunetly i did not like this for main speakers. maybe for rears or i might sell it for 200. though this is more than enough for my home theater needs, i really would like to unleash the 2 channel listening potential of my Theos.

I am looking for a 2 Channel integrated amp (or possibly amp/pre) that would really make my speakers shine in stereo, but the kicker is that i would like to be able to connect this new equipment to my AVR for Video Games/ Movies. The Marantz AVR does have a full 7.1 Pre out section, but the preamp portion is again not great for 2 Channel. Any suggestions?
I would like to stay Less 2K but i have no problem looking for used options. I would love to splurge on a Mcintosh, but really cant as me and my wife are looking to buy a home at 21 (the banks don't take kindly to credit card debt from buying speakers...)

Is peachtree a good company or all hype?

Thank you!

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Sony XBR850B 4K


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