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2 Channel Speaker Setup ????

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Could someone point me out to something to specify the best way to setup a 2 channel listening room? I am not so much looking for in-depth treatments etc, but even a concise method for speaker placement--from what I've read this is what I've got:

2 Modula MTs spaced 104" (tweeter to tweeter)

they are: 20" from the back wall to the back of the speaker (waf reasons)

one is 30" from a side wall, the other one is about 13' from the side wall.

My listening position is centered between the speakers and is 130" from the tweeter line.

Should the speakers be toe'd in or just pointing straight? Is this "ideal" or is something messed up? I've never had a good 2 channel system and I'm trying to figure out how to set one up.


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If the speakers sound better toed in than not, go for it. If they don't, doesn't really matter then.

It's not like it takes a long time to try it yourself, YOU'RE the one with your speakers in front of you, not us.
I realize I need to experiment--I just feel like I have much to noob of ears and don't even really know what I'm listening for concerning soundstage.

Of course, I'm pretty sure my amp and source are the weak link at the moment.

Originally Posted by mpotoka /forum/post/0

I realize I need to experiment--I just feel like I have much to noob of ears and don't even really know what I'm listening for concerning soundstage.

Play around with toe in for 5 minutes and trust me you would hear the soundstage expanding and collapsing.

A rough guideline for toe in is that it should put the vocals in the dead center. This is called phantom image because it feels like you have a centre speaker in a stereo only set up (depends a lot on the CD being used as reference as well). However it should not be done to such an extent where the width of the "soundstage" collapses. Ideally there should not be any "sonic holes" in the soundsatge as well (speacially between the phantom and speakers)

Test it for yourself. Playing with speaker positioning is fun and in some cases can provide a "free upgrade"


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Here is how I have mine set up. I have found this works with many speakers. Notice the toe-in on the speakers is set to converge behind the listener. There is an easy way to achieve this. Hold a laser pointer against the inside edge of your speaker and then rotate it until the laser beam just barely touches the side of your listening chair. Do this on both sides. That should give you a convergence point about 24" behind the seat.

Another way, that I have used is to tape a piece of poster board to a tripod and place it behind your chair. Put a t-square on the top of your speakers on the dead center front to back. Now use the laser pointed against the t-square on the center line, making sure the pointer is square front to back. Then point it at the poster board. Make the laser pointer from each speaker fall within a 12" circle that is drawn in the center of the poster board. Make sure the poster board is centered behind the listening chair.

Either of these will probably get you off to a good start. Then you will need to tweak. And remember, this will not work for all speakers, so use your ears.

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Here is some reading on one man's philosophy...

I did set up speakers according to the ratios contained within and they sounded fine; presenting a very wide and open soundstage. However, it was not practical for me to leave them so far out in the room on a permanent basis.

It really opened my eyes (and ears) to the significance of having the speakers away from the walls.


roomsetup.pdf 194.412109375k . file


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Personally, I think 104 inches is maybe too far apart.

But really, its all up to you, and there is no one ideal setup that can be recommended to everyone. Too many variables. And mostly, we all don't have the same room, which is maybe the biggest variable. At the end of the day, you're just going to have to experiment, reposition, listen and repeat. Always repeat.
JonM that designed those Modulas uses the layout developed by Cardas.
I never owned any speaker that did not need to be towed in a little, especially if they are placed further apart. 6-8 feet seems to be the proper distance audiophiles place there speakers, but also depends on your sitting distance. You usually lose center imaging if not towed in, but I am sure there are exceptions
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