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Building a home bar in a basement across from another room where my future home theater projection system will be currently under construction. Looking to put two in wall, in ceiling, or combination of the both for the audio. Attached are two pictures.

Would it be best :

- Put two in ceiling speakers split evenly between where people would sit?

- Put one in wall speaker on the left wall where people sit and one in ceiling speaker on the opposite end of the bar where people sit?

- Put one in wall speaker in the left wall, other in wall speaker behind the other side where people sit, 5 ft behind them?

Also, Can/should you put in a in wall speaker for in -ceiling?

On the speakers, haven't done much research, but maybe a pair of either Aperion Intimus L6-IW, or Intimus L6-IC. Up for suggestions if others would be better.

Was planning on a Marantz 7701 for the HT area, and a basic AVR to support the bar system.


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