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Putting together a combination of vintage audio components, with some Klipsch speakers I just picked up.

Basically A Marantz Preamp from 70's, A Marantz 250 w amp from 70's, also a Marantz tuner, Marantz cassette, Marantz and Sony turntables, Nile 4 speaker switchbox

Anyway ...

I picked up a nice efficient Klipsch speaker setup

Two Klipsch KLF 20 towers (two 10" woofers, horn midrange, horn tweeter)

Two Klipsch KLF S6 rear speakers (two 6.5 woofers ea, two horn tweeters ea)

One Klipsch KSW 200 subwoofer (installed extra insulation internally to dampen) internal 200 watt amp

(INPUTS: 2) Line level RCA phono jacks, 1) Line level LFE (unfiltered) RCA phono jack and 2) High level speaker terminals)

(OUTPUTS: 2) Line level RCA phono jacks (fixed 40Hz or 80Hz HP - 6dB/octave slope) and 2) High level speaker terminals (fixed 100Hz HP - 6dB/octave slope)

(also a KLF C7 center I won't be using and will probably be selling)

I have a rather large rec room, rectangular in shape. About 14 x 22

I want to have the two KLF 20 towers on one end, left and right. These to play loudly when desired. These will be off a Speaker switching box as "A".

I also was thinking of using the KLF S6 rears, as softer playing speakers, on other side of room, when we might be playing cards or something.

These will also be off the same Speaker switching box as "B"

Possibly, if I get the urge all four may be playing as "A" + "B"

Now, what would be the best way to use the sub ?

Choice 1;

I "could" go from amp to speaker switchbox "A", to subwoofer &out to Left and Right fronts. This would use the crossover in the sub, and send all signals above "whatever chosen" frequency to the attached towers.

Downside, as I see it, is added distortion possibly by running towers through the sub, and also I would not be able to use the subwoofer with rear "B" speakers if desired.

Choice 2:

I "could" connect the subwoofer to Speaker switchbox as "C". This way the signals to speakers do not run through subwoofer, hence less possible distortion, and I would be able to use subwoofer with tower speakers "A", or rear speakers "B", or possibly both.

Downside, as I see it, is that "all frequencies" will be sent to towers and not crossovered the normal way with subwofer circuitry. Also, I am not sure about impedence with fronts/rears/sub running at once, although I thought the switchbox balanced that.

Comments as to which best? Or other opinion??

Placement of sub also an issue. I can easily place sub near/between/side of towers if Choice 1 or 2. or I can place is midway between fronts and rears along long wall if Choice 2.

Thanks in advance !

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I hope you are an experienced technician and can replace capacitors, potentiometers, and other components, because at that advanced age those units are going to have some problems and need TLC and repairs.

Those are nice units for the most part, but the turntables and cassette player may not be serviceable after all these years.

I strongly advise you to operate the speaker switch ONLY with the power amplifier OFF!!! You will almost certainly damage the amplifier if you switch with the amplifier on.

Good Luck

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Actually I am, and all those components were serviced by me. I do electronics/computers/etc for a living (since the tube days). Cassette and turntables work perfectly, as do the amps and tuner.

Now, back to my subwoofer question ??

Anyone ?
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