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2 Channels and $2000 USD - Recommendations?

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I have approx $2000 USD to spend on a pair of speakers for an apartment living room. This is for listening to music only, not movies. Listen to everything but rap/hip-hop. Lately listen to a lot of ambient (troum, hecq), electronic (delerium, conjure one, fsol, massive attack, moby), and more traditional like townes van zandt and johnny cash.

I can jump it up a few hundred if necessary.

Haven't looked at speakers in ages so I am open to good starting points.

Also, can't be too off-the-wall a brand as I recently moved to Malaysia from the US and I don't want to import them, given tendency of customs here to destroy my property and the added expense.
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Are you saying the speakers must be available in Malaysia?

You might have to tell us what is available first....
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May I suggest used? Audiogon has some wonderful pricing, I got a great deal on a pair of Dali Helicon 300's. Almost 60% off and in perfect condition. Lots of great stuff that would fit your budget and push you into a higher grade of speaker.
When my uncle visited US, I got him a Magnepan MMG with 2 Emotiva UPA-1. He had no issue taking it with him. I am not sure about Magnepans but Emotiva ships international. For the source you can't beat Squeezebox, which you may be able to find in Malaysia

Good Luck!
Hi, I think you have to decide if you're going to go with all new equipment or used and demo equipment. I've found that I can get much more bang for my buck with slightly used in excellent condition.

I highly recommend the B&W Matrix 805s. You can buy this pair of monitors for around $900 and I've been extremely happy with the sound quality. Especially for an apartment these are excellent. I was even surprised at their low-end frequency response.


Someone mentioned Audiogon. That's a good place to start. It can be intimidating at first. I'd recommending going to some local shops and listening to various brands and iterations to see what suits your ear the best. Many shops carry used and demo products as well. Good luck!
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