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2 CP 3025 modulators in series

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I currently modulate a VCR and Dish Network reciever on a Channelplus 3025 modulator. I would like to add a DVD player as in input.

I was thinking of taking one RF output from the 1st 3025 to the RF input of the 2nd 3025. The 1st 3025 has cable input trough a low pass filter plus the modulated VCR and Dish receiver. I could then modulate the DVD player on a seperate unused channel on the 2nd unit and output to the TVs in the house. This would still leave me one unused modulated channel.

Has anyone successfully done this? Is the PQ degraded? Any other information would be appreciated.

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I'm doing the same thing, but my second modulator is not a 3025...it's a cheapie dayton one from partsexpress....works fine.


If you have already purchased the 2nd CP 3025, sounds like a go. If you havn't bought it yet, a better way (and more expensive) would be to go with a CP distribution amp and modulate all inputs via a CP 5545. They are very nice and you would still have an extra input. Additionally, you can add a second 5545 modulator in the future.

You probably already know about this solution, and it may not be in the budget. I just offer it because I know I have gone "short-term savings for long term more expensive", if you know what I mean!
Thanks for the replies. I was looking into using the 5545 and a CP distribution amp but the cost of adding a 2nd 3025 appears to be a good solution, at least in the short term.

Will the PQ be degraded? Will I need an attenuator between the two?
I've tried this on a 3025 and a Sony MRDD1 (same thing) - use the "Local TV" outputs to feed from one to the other, and be prepared to use an attenuator (you won't necessarily have to use it, but be prepared). Otherwise, as long as your channels are different, you should be good to go.
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