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2 HDTV Comparison Suggestions

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Hi! Does anyone have either one of these 2 HDTVs? I want to buy one or the other for my game room...esp to use with the XBox360 and the PS3. Any comments or personal owner views greatly appreciated...

Thanks! And Happy Holidays!!!

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Between the two I would get the Panasonic. Toshiba is outsourcing their sets to Orion and their sets are not what they used to be. Now if you had a Sony that was close in price then that is what I would suggest. Unfortunately they are usually much more expensive. Depends if you are on a budget or not. I have heard that Sony is getting out of the CRT game and Panasonic is not too far behind. LCD will be the dominating display down the road. I did see a

50" Sony LCD at CC for 3500 dollars and I will tell you the PQ was amazing. The Set smoked every set in the place including the plasmas. Too rich for my wallet but prices will drop.
Definitely the Panasonic over the Toshiba.
If you can find the Panasonic at Circuit City, they have it at a greatly reduced price right now.
Panasonic is one of the top two brands in my opinion (the other being Sony) so take the Panny. The quality is superb.

EDIT: The guy is right you can find the newer 26" Panny WS model at Circuit City cheaper then you can find the older one that is out of stock at NEwegg.com

But Newegg is an EXCELLENT company so don't be afriad to buy from them.
Thanks for the replies...I am going to check out the Sony 30" also. So it's either the Sony or the Panasonic. Any other comments apprectiated!!!
Panny is usually less expensive then the comparable Sony. Both are nice. I would get the Panny 30 over the Sony 30 (not the xs) because they are pretty much equal and one costs less.
Great idea Brechenme, but I can't find it anywhere in my area. Makes you wonder if it's been discontinued or something. Any online, reputable links? I did check Circuit City's site for the Panny...not listed.
yeah i know they have all these TVs in the stores...atleast last time i was in any of them. But they did take them down from their webpages. Interesting but just call up a store and ask about prices.
Another great set is the new 30" JVC.
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