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Sorry if OT for this section (or OT for the whole AVS Forum). Would appreciate a pointer to an appropriate forum if so...

I'm looking for a multi-line, multi-handset 5.8GHz phone system that needs:

- at least 2 lines

- to use 5.8GHz for both transmit/receive (not 2.4/5.8 mix used by some phones)

- to support at least 5 handsets

- modern features (handset speakerphone, full-duplex speakerphone, decent battery life, etc)

- lightweight handsets (otherwise I can just buy the Engenius ultrahigh-power 900MHz phone system)

We already have a multi-line corded phone system with answering machine, CID voice announce, etc, so we wouldn't really need to duplicate those features.

I know it takes more power output to use 5.8GHz with decent range (meaning shorter battery life or heavier batteries), but I don't want to take any chances on further 2.4GHz interference with WiFi 802.11b+g and Bluetooth that we already use.

Can someone please help?
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