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2 mach5 IXL-18.2.2 + ep4000

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the box will be 12.1 cubic feet and the ports are 4" abs 27.04" long measured in the middle of the radius, this shows a 16.57hz tune.

the ep4000 and subs are on the way, i plan on cutting this on the cnc router at work.

i just need to get binding posts and eq.

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Looks great and should be a good performer

An Ep4000 will serve you well there.
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Very nice!!!! You should think of investing into another ep4000 down the line. the ep4000 in stereo just isn't quite enough (depending on room size of course) having a 4000 bridged per sub was awesome in my experience. Get ready though, it will pound like mad in the box!!!

It's just my opinion, having built similar sized and tuned boxes, the extra amp made a good difference.
that sucks, i thought that i would have no problem driving these with a ep4000

looking to be 3.5 sheets of 3/4 mdf

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One EP4000 will do a decent job - give it a try first. If not enough, grab another one. Modeling shows you really need 800W to get each IXL to full potential, but 600W isn't half bad, especially with two of them. It'll get the drivers close to Xmax, anyway.
I ran my 2 off of 1 ep2500 for about a year, don't get me wrong it sounded amazing and had plenty of thump. But.... it showed me what I was missing when I got a second one. then all hell broke loose! lol
You could always try an MA-5050 if you want to stay with a single amp or like suggested add another EP.

If you want to go the used route, CE4000s come around once in a while and are monsters for sub bass duty.
i am going from having no sub to having 2 18" subs, i suspect that even with only 600w X 2 to play with it will be more than enough also it seems that with much more power i exceed xmax.

i also ordered a Reckhorn B-2 today
my subs apparently still have to be made, now they can be made with dual 1 ohm coils.. would that be better for the ep4000? then i could run 4 ohm mono or 2 ohm stereo.
4 ohm.
4 ohm what? leave them at 2 coils 2 ohm or change them to 2 coils 1 ohm?

ep4000 should put out 1000w x 2 with 2 ohm load. just don't know if it will over heat..
It all depends on how you want to wire them and what load you want to the amp to see.

Dual 2 ohm coils, you can wire them as 1 parallel or 4 series.

Then you can connect two subs with a variety of combinations as well.

The easy solution...wiring them so they are each driver is presenting 4 ohms stereo to an amp will give you some options or 8 ohms bridged, etc.

Of course, you could go with 1 ohm coils and go that route. My subs are dual 1 ohm as well.
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yes but at 8 ohms stereo the ep4000 only puts out a rated 1750w but at 4 ohm its 2400w

in stereo it puts out a rated [email protected] vs [email protected]

with dual one ohm coil i can wire the amp 2 ohm load each channel getting the most bang for my buck, wondering what the downside of doing this would be.
Order them dual 1 ohm, series the coils, run one per channel on the EP4000, and enjoy not having to buy a second amp

Only thing is, I'd leave the cooling stock on the Behringer if you do this. It'll need the cooling.

You may want to re-sim the dual 1 ohm models - the parameters may be different.
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i doubt they have specs he would just be putting in the dual one ohm coil from another sub, i am guessing the spl 12"
I know they did tests with the ep2500 running 2ohm but I though (may be wrong) that is didn't like it at all. I know it didn't like it bridged but maybe it was ok in stereo? crap I don't remember
Nope the 2 ohm stereo seems to be A-OK. It was the 2ohm bridged that failed.

Originally Posted by N8DOGG /forum/post/18167742

Nope the 2 ohm stereo seems to be A-OK. It was the 2ohm bridged that failed.

That is correct.
absolute load of rubbish. I run my two FI Q18 dual 1 ohm 11 cu ft 2 ohm with no issues even at near reference with the EP4000 gain on max. Doesnt even clip the amp. surely a single EP4000 to drive one sub ported would be too much. Im changing my fan this weekend. Gets on my nerves.

cheers graham
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