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I was gifted two Eminence 12 inch OEM subwoofers. The subwoofers were manufactured as a proprietary custom OEM design for an Eminence customer. Eminence does not offer cabinet support for OEM product.

I would appreciate any help deciphering the attached spec sheet and any advice thoughts given on a sealed or ported subwoofer cabinet design. I tried running the numbers in various calculators but it seems the needed values do not concur with the values provided on the spec sheet.

What i need is Qts, Qtc

I would like to build a cabinet that fits both subwoofers with the emphasis on sound quality for a home theater 7.1 setup.

Thank you for any and all input.


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It might look like a Lab12, but the specs are a bit different. Looks to have higher inductance, a stronger motor, and a stiffer suspension. You can plug this data into WinISD and model away. I've attached the wdr file from entering this into WinISD.

Re 6.41 Ohms
fs 25.2 Hz
Le 4.29 mH
Mms 152.3 grams
QM 9.62
Mmd 145.8 grams
QE 0.44
Cms 0.262 mm/N
QT 0.42
Rms 2.509 N*sec/m
Xmax 11.90 mm
Vas 95.4 liters
Pmax 150 Watts
SD 506.7 cm^2
Bl 18.67 Tm
VD 603.0 cm^3
Coil Diameter 2.00 Inches
EBP 56.9
Gap Height 0.313 Inches
Magnet Weight 84 ounces
Efficiency 0.33 %
Winding Width 1.250 inches
SPL 87.2 dB 1W1m


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