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Good morning avs forum,

I recently purchased part of my first home theater setup. I have a modest budget so i went with the Pioneer andrew jones 5.1 speaker setup (sp 52fs i believe). I also purchased a Pioneer vsx 1123k reciever to power the system. I am just getting into home audio and video, so to me, this system sounds unbelievable. I do understand that i need to work with the sub placement to achieve proper sound, but even after i get this done, i wonder if i will want some more thunder. I know that adding another sub of the same model wont get me any deeper playing capabilities, but i am still considering it because i am under the impression that i could drive them both at a little less gain and have "more headroom" when i want to crank it up for movies and music. the purchase price of these is very reasonable (160 new or less than 100 on ebay) so i was thinking about adding another one. I think it would look really neat to have one subsitting by each tower speaker in the front of the room. anybody have any experience with this? would it be worth it or should i pair it with a different sub?

thanks everyone
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