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2 questions for X1 owners

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I purchased an opened box X1 from Best Buy on Sunday. It had the instruction manual for an X1A in it. I remember different threads on this forum discussing a remote control and a S-video connector. The projector I purchased was without either item. Are these included and also missing from the box, or are they optional items?

My other question is, Some items on the screen flicker slightly. For example the red stars on the menu screen of the Patton dvd flicker as do some subtitles. Is there a way to fix this or is it normal.

Thanks to everyone for their information on projectors, screens, and mounts. I've spent many hours reading all the great posts and it has been invalueable.

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Are you saying you did not get a remote control in box? You should have gotten one. The X1 does not come with the S-video/component adapter. You better make sure you actually got the X1 and not the X1-a. The flickering does not sound normal. Does it happen with other DVD's?
I'm sure it's a X1. It was in a X1 box, and it does not have the component hook-ups in the back.

Thanks, Dave
Sounds like you might have got an X1a based on the the notion that you got an X1a instruction manual and I've heard the X1a didn't come with a remote. Although I could be wrong about the latter. It seems likely that Infocus used their remaining X1 boxes to package the X1a. If that's the case, they really should have put some type of amemdment on their packaging.

Just as a qualifier, I've never owned an X1
look at the sticker on the bottom of the projector. it will say x-1 or x-1a. if it says x-1a take it back. i also bought an open box x-1 from best buy and did not recieve a remote. they did not have any more x-1s so i was s.o.l.
Yeah I would go back to BB and see if you can get an additional discount and order a remote from Infocus, you will definetely want one. As far as flickering, I have Dishnetwork and on the guide I've noticed the letters kind of flicker, almost like its refreshing the frame every couple seconds, but this must be normal as this is my second x1 and it does the same thing, not sure if its the same as what you are seeing though...
Originally posted by Spoonfed
Whats the difference...... X1 v X1a?
X1a = no Faroudja.
Sounds like someone wanted the X1 and swapped the X1a back with BB and you bought it.

X1a= no Faroudja..but thats not a big deal right? Youre not using Svideo are you?
It is a X1. On the bottom it has X1, and looking at the X1A manual that came with it, the hook-ups in the back are different. Mine doesn't have the 3 composite inputs. It has S-video and a single RCA inputs.

I'm using the single RCA input currently, but plan on trying to use the S-video connection when I find one long enough to reach my receiver. I'm hoping that will help with the flickering from the subtitles. I watch a lot of foreign movies, and it's distracting
I've never experienced flickering on my X1 with movie subtitles. Can you describe "flickering" in any more detail to help us figure out the kind of artifact you're seeing?

I don't use either the composite nor the S-video/interlaced component connector on mine, though. Feeding it progressive component through the VGA port.
I own an x1 and component throught the VGA port, in my opinion is the only way to go. Shell out the few bucks for the VGA-Component adapter and you won't be sorry.
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