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I think I'm going with the DIY Rythmik kits, but i'm still open to suggestions. Basically looking for the best I can get for around $1500 - $2000. I want a min. of 2 subs. Building boxes isn't a problem, so I'm hoping to save some money that way.

I'm trying to decide between using 2 DS1510 drivers with 2 H600 amps and using 4 DS1500 drivers with 2 H600 amps. The cost of the two options is really close.

In all cases I think i'll have each driver in it's own sealed enclosure to allow for future flexibility.

I'm in a small 11x12' sealed room with vaulted ceilings and have very limited placement options. All of the subs will have to go between my 2 main speakers. If i remember correctly, I have around 7' between speakers, and about 3' up to the bottom of my projector screen. I think there's plenty of room for 4 of the 15" subs.

I haven't had a sub for 2 years. My speakers play down to around 25Hz in my room and I haven't felt a lack of low frequency output for music. I'm wanting to get more bass for movies though, so I think it's time to add subs. There's still a chance I'll use the subs every now and then for music, so I want something with SQ somewhat close to my speakers.

My previous sub was a 15" Dayton Titanic with the 1000W dayton amp. It was almost enough for the room but the output was very inconsistent as i moved around the room. The SQ was also really bad for music.

Here's the rest of my system that the subs will be added to. It started out a 2 channel only and I've been converting it over to 5.1 over the past few months:

Speakers - Salk HT2-TL

Center - Salk HT2C

Surrounds - haven't decided on these yet

Room Treatment - GIK 242s and 244s. Also lots of thick curtains

Blu Ray - Oppo BDP-83

DAC - Eastern Electric Minimax

Preamp - Audio by Van Alstine Ultra+ SL

Main Amp - Audio by Van Alstine Ultra+ Double 550

Center Amp - Audio by Van Alstine Omegastar 260ex

Receiver / Processor for movies - Marantz SR5004

Other - Logitech Slingbox

Cables - Blu Jeans

Projector - Epson 8100

Other - Working on running a few dedicated lines for power

Thanks for the help

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This should probably be in the DIY section, but whatever. I would say that if a single Dayton Titanic was nearly enough for you then either of these options should make you very happy. The dual driver kits will give you about 3dB more but will take up quite a bit more space. It's that simple. The bass from the Rythmiks will be better than your speakers for music or movies. I doubt you would turn them off for music once you've heard them.
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