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2 Servo 15 subs and one Denon 4308

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Hi, So I will use a RCA splitter from the the Denon 4308 and run RCA to each sub. My questions is, would you use the X30 crossover that has provisions for two subs and its control of phase, croosover point and volume....or just direct to amp and use the GUI for set up. Paradigm servo 15's only have a volume control physically on the sub.

thanks !
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I would just let the 4308 control everything and keep the X30 out of the loop.
Well I tried that and both subs were awefull...no other words for it, flat, no gain and, well aweful. DTs dvd was terrible.

So insert the X30 and voila, so much sub you could slice it. So, two paradigm servo 15's on 4308 needs the contoller.

Question, I have the mains set to small. Does that roll of the mains a certain frequency ? Reason i ask is in advanced settings you can control the front crossover point?? I set sub to LFE only as I would like the 15's to carry low end grunt. Where should i cross it over 80 ? I set the sub xover in the 4308 to 250hz, and use the x30 for actial set point....80hz ?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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