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2 TV's splitter?

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I'm sorry if this has been mentioned (I'm sure it has) so if someone could post a link or just post the info.

I'm running a Denon 2809 that does all the switching for my DVR, X-box, Blu-ray, and VUDU box. I have it connected to my 73" DLP and it works fine. I'm wanting to hook my old Plasma up (located in the other room) so it can use all the same equipment. I understand that I can't run two different components at one time (ie. The DLP using X-box while the plasma is using the DVR) I plan on running the 73" off my 7.1 suround system but the plasma in the other room I plan on running off the TV speakers. I guess I can't wrap my head around how the plasma will take care of audio so it won't play in the theater room... Sorry if this sounds confusing I can't think of an easier way to explain it. Thanks for the help... I do research (hence not many posts)

What splitter (if that's what I need) do you recommend?
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I basically Want to do the same thing. My tv just happens to be in the same room. But my opinion is all you need is an HDMI Spliter. I am literaly reseaching info right now. I found one for a 100 bucks. They dont run cheap. One thing I have to check is something mentioned that they both have to be like 1080p or 720P ect... or the 2nd tv might not show a picture.

I may of not been any help. I am trying to basically have 2 TV because I want one for my theater seating and one for my bed, all in the same room. Perhaps somebody else can make a comment. Since my Denon has 1 HDMI output I am assuming I need a HDMI splitter. And i am not sure What if i will have the option for sound coming from the Reciever or sound coming out from the Tv. I am sure all i have to do is turn the tv volume up lol.
Let me know if you find any more info... I don't plan on watching the TV's at the same time so the I'm not sure if having them both set at 1080p is going to make a difference since the plasma is only 1080i. If your looking for one I would suggest checking out monoprice. I really still am at a loss on how the audio will come out of the plasma tv without the home theater speakers (in the other room) playing it.

Originally Posted by tinytool /forum/post/15405138

I really still am at a loss on how the audio will come out of the plasma tv without the home theater speakers (in the other room) playing it.

If you run HDMI or an audio cable split to the plasma, then it will get the audio directly without the home theater receiver or speakers being on.
Gotcha, what splitter do you recommend?
Does the old plasma have an HDMI input?
Yes, although it's only 1080i and the 73" DLP is 1080p I don't plan on viewing them at the same time.
Also just make sure to have the AVR transmit the audio as well the video. My receiver automatically only transmits the video portion and you have to set it manually to send both.
I just purchased the Monoprice Pro Series 1.3b powered splitter so I could split satellite receiver signal to TV and A/V receiver. It works perfect, I am sure this splitter would address your needs. The splitter will carry full 1080p as well as being able to carry older versions such as 1080i 720p.
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