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Hello Guys. I haen't been here for a while but I sure used this site when I was looking to buy. My Hitachi CMP5000 (a rebadged Pioneer 503cmx) is almost 2 years old so I figured I would relay my experience.

Without question, this has been one of the most satisfying "toy" or tech purchases I have made.

This TV, which is used a lot, has a picture just like the day we bought it. Its in a large room with two stories of windows and we run the brightness/contrast higher than CMX503 owners here post they do (0, +1) with no discernible loss of brightness.

Absolutely no burn in (altho we are pretty careful about stagnant pix and rarely run it with side 4:3 side bars).

There is not one bad pixel. We never experienced bad buzzing from the unit (I believe that Hitachi may be more picky on QC or we may have just lucked out).

We have HD and the HD quality is unreal. That is where this TV shines.

We still get jaw dropping comments from people who watch HD sports on it. I still get people who comment our Tv is the best plasma picture they have seen.

I will say that the more I have it the more I notice the poor quality of analog pictures. The TV shines most with great HD signals.

Also, the wide format used to be my preferred viewing but lately I find I prefer the 4:3 as I the distorted stretch bothers me more.

Anyway, the TV has never had a hiccup and runs like new.
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