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20 foot ceiling great room speaker suggestions

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I have a HTPC set up and a Toshiba 55 inch TV hook Up I am looking to connect my speakers to my PC and TV I have cable through my TV not my PC- I watch movies netflix and dvd;s

My dilema 20 Foot Ceilings viewing distance 15 feet room is 28 x 32

I am not an audiophile at all just want good room fill. I would rather not have wires around the system and run it just from The Front entertainment center

I would entertain any suggestions. I like the BOSE companion 5 like the sound. hence not an audiophile never was.... So don't shoot me please just send some recommendations if this system wont work, thanks- Budget under 500.00

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So you need a receiver and a 5.1 speaker set, for a room that size, under $500?
Yes- any recommendations, I like the Bose Sound so Looking for that but want all speakers in front so anything that sounds like them- people bash Bose saying there are better systems so I would entertain other recommendations, thanks!
It will cost you more than $500 to wire the room.
Not sure what you mean by all speakers in front? Thats not how surround sound works.

DENON AVR-1706 B stock $120

TSC P46RC1-HT10 $380

That would be a better setup then the most expensive Bose setup, no joke.
I guess I wasn't clear sorry about that I am not looking to surround myself with speakers at all just have the speakers in the front with the TV in the entertainment center or on the sides or top so a soundbar or whatever.
In that case a 2.1 or 2.0 setup would be much better. The receiver I recommended previously still stands, can't really beat it for the price.

TSC TSBL 6.5 $180. You need a decent sized speaker for a room that size, this one is still smaller then ideal for your room, but your budget makes it a good choice.

Dayton Sub-120 $155. Again, you need something with size for your room if you want any bass.
It seems simple enough.

If you like Bose, get Bose.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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