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20 Leading Flat-Panel TVs

By Robert Archer
We round up the latest plasma, LCD, LED and OLED TVs.

Consumers can look at the evolution of the flat-panel TV market in two ways: the products are more affordable, and they are more eco-friendly.

Leading the way are new technologies like light emitting diode (LED) and organic light emitting diode (OLED). These join the market's traditional technologies plasma and LCD to provide consumers with a growing choice of products.

We round up some of the latest flat-panel TVs to hit the market.

Panasonic TC-P50G15

This THX-certified display is a 50-inch model with a 40,000:1 contrast ratio, 16:9 aspect ratio and full 1080p HD resolution.

Other features: Viera Cast to view online video, photos, stocks and more; 600Hz technology for full-HD motion video; an SD card slot; and Viera Link to interconnect with other devices via the Viera remote.

Pioneer Elite Pro-151FD

This 60-inch Elite Kuro plasma offers 1080p 24fps signals, 5x deeeper blacks, according to Pioneer, ISFccc calibration and detachable side speakers.

Other features: automatic picture adjustment, Advanced PurCinema with 3:3 pulldown and an integrated ATSC and NTSC tuner

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