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$200-$300 system for grandparents

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I am looking for system for my wife's grandparents. They want a system that will allow them to better hear their television. The price range they want to stay in is $200-$300 but could go a little higher. The quality of sound isn't as important as ease of use and best value.

I know it is usually suggested to buy seperate components but I haven't found that for this price range. I know that the requirements of the request is a little different but was hoping you guys could help.

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If you don't need a dvd /cd player with the HTIB then just get something like the Sony HT-DDW700, its on sale for on around $180 in circuit city and sometimes Best Buy too. It works very well in smaller rooms, the bass maybe a little lacking but dialog and sound effects are fairly good. Any cheap HTIB is better then the speakers built into TVs if thats what their using right now.
Another thing I was going to ask about was how good are rear wireless speakers and does anyone have a suggestion for a system that has the wireless speakers?
Originally Posted by smithmark02
The quality of sound isn't as important as ease of use and best value.
Does their TV have a variable audio out setting? You could always look at something like a computer speaker system hooked up using the TV's audio outs that way the volume will be controlled by the TV remote which they are already used to (once you set the master volume on the speaker system).

I'm looking for something very similar for my grandmother. With her I've learned the most simple is the best, change is bad, nice universal remotes that don't have huge buttons are bad, etc. I was looking for something like the Bose Cinimate setup minus the remote and price tag.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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