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My uncle is in the market for a new TV and is looking to spend around $2000. I am sure he would go to around 2100 or so if it's really nice but under 2k would be much more preferable

He would like to go 65" since he is at a 50" plasma right now,it must be at least 60 inches and must be plasma.

Anyone have any suggestions other then the Panasonic VIERA ST50 or VT50. Does it matter about the extra 24, 576 Shades of Gradation on the VT50 if it's not gonna be professionally calibrated and even then is it a noticeable difference for the price increase?

If you can make a case for a LCD screen I will consider it but this TV is going in a room that can be pretty much completely dark once the lights are turned off. Since he has no reason to worry about glare even during the day the Plasma should be better.

Thanks for any kinda help.
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