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2005 Home Theater Cruise Questions

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I am planning on attending this year, but I have a couple of questions so I can properly budget my expenses.

Excluding off the ship excursions, what kind of expenses should I expect? I understand that I have to pay for all alcholic drinks and sodas. Anything else?

How about off the ship stuff? I just want to know how much I need to save above and beyond the room cost and plane ticket.

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You'll have to remember to also include tips for your everyday staff.

Also if you are going with family (or on one of your first cruises) be prepared to be photographed alot. We don't mind it so much and we actually like pictures so we ended up spending quite a few dollars on some pictures if you are so inclined.

And of course if you like to gamble. :D

Off the ship is just like anywhere else you go as a tourist always someone eagerly awaiting to separate you from your money.

I've been on all them so far and have had a great time. They do an amazing job. And the wife has loved it as well.
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