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2005 start of DLP decline in mkt share?

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2005 could be the start of DLP's decline.

There are many more competitors doing 3 chip systems.

There will be 3 chip LCD systems this year.

JVC will continue their 3chip system and beef resolution to 1080p.

If DLP finally gets of its @ss and presents a 3 chip system, which finally gets rid of a super high speed spining color wheel..they will be the last to do so. I think Samsung will have a 3 chip system mid to late year 2006.

Losers are not leaders!

Perhaps when DLP systems finally start utilizing a 3 chip system..competitors will already be doing 6 chip systems? red, green, blue, yellow, magenta, and cyan?

Texas Instruments doesn't want to sell more chips than they have to..they'd rather sell one chip per box. LOL!

I hate color wheels

I hate RGB..3 color systems

I'll never buy a set with a color wheel, its mechanical and its stupid.

One of the pluses of semiconductors was getting rid of TUBES...get rid of moving parts.

But some folks like to step way back..providing spinning wheels and tubes..like the Samsung DLP models have. The tube being the expensive light bulb..a tube. Samsung DLP is a frankestein..a mixture of ancient and modern trechnology.

If you want to see museum artifacts like color wheels go to the Smithsonian institute in D.C....not to Best Buy or Circuit City. Tickets are cheaper than risking thousands on spinning wheels and wobulation.
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Are you tring to say that you hate DLP? What do you prefer?
Wow, nice rant. Some of what you say I agree with. In fact I just recently put my money where my mouth is and bought a LCD RPTV. I'm not blind to the fact though that the HD2+ DLP provides a better picture for those who aren't affected by rainbows or concerned about moving parts. Had a 3 chip solution been available at a price I could agree with it would be in my house.

WOW, ummm...like we have never heard that one before?? By the way Tex, there has already been 3 chip DLP's some 5 years ago. If you knew the way business works you would know that the object of the game is to make a product that is affordable and is something you can market! As far as TI is concerned they have no plans to develop a 3 chip consumer unit. They use that in the professional line. So go on and rant and rave while you watch your 19" B&W from 09'!


If we all write one good rant about each new technology and we can all shut down this server with all that BS...
i'm getting tired of all the "moving parts is bad" talk. Seems to me like virtually every piece of electronics has moving parts and the manufacturers have somehow figured out how to make those products last (i.e. cars, dvd/cd players, vacuum cleaners, airplanes, etc., etc.)

if you are going to bash, get a new argument!
3chip DLP in front projectros; I'm talking rear projectors

what forum is this?
DLP sales are doing great, and many of us believe it's the best technology out there. What I'd like to know is why you created this thread? Did one blow up in your face? Threads can just as easily be written as an attack on LCD, LCOS, CRT, plasma, etc. As HTMAN21 asked you above, which technology do you prefer, or are you against all HDTVs?
We should expect flaws in the transitory devices...but not this many.

y'all are paying money to keep their R&D departments afloat..they thank you.

maybe a Jerry Lewis like telethon should be made for Samsung and its problematic DLP sets: spinning wheels, smudges, rainbows, and many others. We could have celebrities sing to beef up contributions. Eliminate spinning wheels in your lifetime!

I've never seen so many complaints against a platform ever. Never seen so many returns. Maybe they should make coasters on these sets standard? That way they can be rolled in to and out of homes more easily?

I have not bought a HDTV set yet. '''Current''' state of DLP is not inviting.


All have L in common

L = lemon
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Published specs always look great.

But what is missing from the specs are measures of :




Color wheels is old stuff..when were they first used? early 1900s?

Shouldn't a measure of a set's technology be based upon innovation and efficiency and especially reliability? Color wheels are not efficient and they are the most unreliable item in all of HDTVland. It's ancient technology, hardly anything innovative there.

There have been many posts out here that give a good composite picture of just how reliable DLP "rear projector" single chip sets have been. It's tough to argue against the results/stats.

There must be 10x the complaints in Sammy DLP sets than all other model's (LCOS, DILA, LCD, Plasma) complaints combined.

Too bad there isn't a way to accuratly measure this! if there were, I'd say some companies should see business go away rapdily...as it should. Why hide garbage? We should get it out in the open for all to see.
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Um, texastwo, there are MANY other manufacturers of DLP's besides Samsung. Just because they sell the most doesn't mean they are the best. Have you seen the DLP's by Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Optoma, RCA, etc, etc? I guess all of these companies are simply stupid for choosing to hitch their wagons to such a terrible technology.

I also seriously doubt that if DLP had a track record of much less reliability than other HDTV's, that the warranty for DLP's would be sold at the same price as similarly priced LCD, LCOS, and plasma displays.

Myself, my Panny DLP arrives today, and for my money it is the best microdisplay on the market, and better than most plasmas.
Hey, I am one of Jerry's kids so back off buster! LOL!!

Punk [email protected]*!!

Anyway, go post elsewhere big tex!?!
If there are more returns with Sammy, it's because they sell more sets. I have not seen any data suggesting they have a higher % of returns than any other manufacturer (and your opinion, Tex, does not count as data). Samsung did fine in a recent Consumer Reports poll on reliability (RCA was near the bottom).

I think we should all stop posting in this stupid thread. The fact that DLP sales are booming, which is why so many manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon, goes to prove the lack of credibility of Tex. There are just as many threads here complaining of problems with DILA, LCD, etc, etc.
What you call old technology some people would call tried and true technology. Hey the wheel is thousands of years old maybe we should get rid of it and build hover cars or something.

I don't get what this thing is about moving parts - computers have fans and hard drives with spinning parts. what is the big deal? if you think DLP is crap don't buy one and sit at home watching your 19".

yeah and good of you to pull some statistics out of your ass to prove something. everyone knows the 63 percent of the statististic on the internet are false. when you come up with some real numbers on the faliure rates come back here and then we will have a discussion.
oh and DLP-Dave you will love the panasonic I got mine a week ago and have nothing of praise for it.
Originally posted by kaikara
oh and DLP-Dave you will love the panasonic I got mine a week ago and have nothing of praise for it.
Got mine yesterday. First night of HD programming was so much fun to watch. What a great set.
Moving wheels in electronics:

DVD players

CD Players

Hard Drives


Tape Drives

Floppy Drives


Tape Transports

VCR Motors

VCR Heads

...you know, the more I list, the more I'm amazed. I've never really had a problem with any of these motors...!
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Color wheels is old stuff..when were they first used? early 1900s?

Shouldn't a measure of a set's technology be based upon innovation and efficiency and especially reliability? Color wheels are not efficient and they are the most unreliable item in all of HDTVland. It's ancient technology, hardly anything innovative there.
I agree. In fact, all these RPTVs are such old technology that you'd be dumb to buy any of em. Don't they all have light bulbs in em to project the image? Those things have been around since the 1800s! Talk about ancient technology!

And I haven't found a single RPTV yet that doesn't run on electricity! ELECTRICITY! What, are we still in the stone ages here?

I think i'll wait for something really innovative. One day I'll have my nuclear fusion-powered TV producing holographic images from an electrostatic quantum flux field, and then all you people with DLPs and LCDs are really gonna feel like suckers.
I am so glad my RPLCd doesn't have any moving parts...I mean cmon, it's not like the fan in the back has anything that moves...

I mean cmon, we all have our own technologies we like and dislike.

It's posts like these that keep me from coming back to the RPTV forum more often.
Hey, empire_of_one,

That was pretty darn good for your first post!!! I think my first post was probably along the lines of "me needs help buying TV"
Eveything technological has some downside. However, if I wait for the "perfect" TV to jump into HDTV, I wouldn't be able to watch anything because SDTV will be off the air.

(Full disclosure: I own a DLP)
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