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The NFL on CBS in HDTV for week 12 include the following games:


Jacksonville at NY Giants

Pittsburgh at Buffalo

Tennessee at Houston


Kansas City at Seattle

Miami at Oakland

All CBS HD games are produced in 1080i and 5.1.

FOX is the doubleheader network.

All times ET.

Please include your source (call letters and city) and provider (Cable, Sat, OTA, ST).

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Nice to have the Giants on CBS. Looks better than FOX

Got bonus coverage of PIT/BUF at the end, that looked great too. I don't understand why they could not show the OT here in NY, they were showing bits and pieces on the post game show.

Nice comeback win for the Giants.

Another tough loss for the Bills

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KTVT, Fort Worth, TX; cable/OTA

JAX/NYG (believe it or not!)

As always, the picture quality of CBS's NFL games are stellar! I also like it how "more people watch the NFL on CBS than any other network!"

Interesting note, if you look at past maps on "the506.com," most of Texas usually gets the Houston Texans games, but my CBS station (KTVT) always gets different, more exciting matchups (although they could play Houston games at least 1-2 times a year), usually hosted by Jim Nantz and Phil Simms (today's game was Greg and Dan) and often showcasing teams like the Patriots or the Colts. Those reasons, plus that fact that Fox is not the friendliest station for families (I use it for Cowboys games and whenever they show the Super Bowl) and their HD isn't very good are why I enjoy the CBS games. (Even if I watch a Fox Cowboys game, I watch the CBS game to make it up!)

Oh, and since coyoteaz last posted here, can re_nelson know about this? I am curious if he prefers Texans (or other teams) games on KXII over the games on KTVT. (Same for the Fox games; this includes DFW-area slot blackouts when the Cowboys are at home.)
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