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Its damn near 2011 and we still have no options from Panny or Epson

for a gaming projector.

Why did Panasonic tease us with the AX-200u then refuse to offer the same gaming mode on any of its later projectors AE-2k or 3k

and Epson.... screw you.

You never even offered gamers anything.

75Hz refresh rate would be nice too but I guess I am still dreaming.

And no, I don't want to buy an earlier model and give up the HT features that my Epson 8700 has to offer.

Its pretty sad that I have to have an AX-200U and the latest Epson just to cover my bases when it comes to having a full featured home theater/gaming setup.

Pannasonic, Epson,

Thanks for screwing gamers over for another year.
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