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I have a 2012 Escape XLT (no Nav) that I picked up in March, 2012.

I am fed up with Ford's My Sync system. I use a 80gb iPod Classic for most of my source material, along with an Apple cable.

I am constantly having problems with Sync being unable to find the iPod, etc, Also, from what I've been able to tell, it will not shuffle by Album, it will only shuffle by song, even though the iPod Classics are capable of shuffling by Album.I grew up on records, then CD's, so I prefer to listen to whole Albums play through, especially if it's a live recorded Album, or a Classical piece.In my normal use of the iPod, I prefer to listen to it where the iPod selects what will play. If I didn't what to hear it, it wouldn't be on the iPod in the first place.

I am looking for a double DIN H.U., with Nav & Backup Camera capability. I an intrigued by the iDatalink Maestro / Kenwood H.U. combination & would like to know what you guys think of this pairing.

I am open to other possibilities. I've haven't used Kenwood before, In the past, it's been Alpine, Pioneer, or if you go back far enough, Sony.

Thanks for any info.


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If you don't plan to use the MS Sync system, much of the benefit of the Maestro/Maestro combo will not be realized. However, given your issue is with the USB part of Sync, you could use the combo as follows:

Keep your phone paired with Sync. - Enables you to dial by voice to a contact or number. Also, with the upgrade you get a full phone screen with call logs, access to your phone book and direct dialing on the Kenwood radio keypad

The Sync USB port will stay alive and work but with the Kenwood you will be adding another one. So you can use both as you wish. Of course accesst to media by voice will only work on what is connected to Sync.

Some other cool features:

1. Your secondary display will stay alive and meta data from all sources will be there. You only lose the clock as Kenwood cannot pass Maestro the time.

2. You get a cool Vehicle info screen with digital tire pressure read out and door status. You can also view check engine codes in there.

3. You get a nice quite of gauges that you can choose from.

4. You can assign the steering wheel buttons any way you like and have each button do two things. This is done graphicly on the idatalink website when you program the module.

Hope this is helpful.


12V Guy

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