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No, I am not playing my 'real' music from analog outputs, but at times I like to play background music throughout my home with a multi-room speaker system powered by a "Zone 2" output from my Pioneer AV receiver to a separate power amplifier. Zone 2 outputs must be analog due to $%#@ copy protection. I can do this now, and it works very well, with my six year old Sony BR player, but I want to upgrade players to take advantage of better app interfaces, faster BRD load times, etc.

Most of the new 2013 BR players no longer have the analog audio outputs in the rear, so they would not meet my needs. I could buy a 1.5 to 2 year old BR player, but would like to try to get a 2013 model with such audio outputs, if they exist.

I have been looking at the Pioneer Elite BRD 52FD which would work, but this model is now about 18 months old and no longer available at many retailers, even though it still shows as being a current model on the Pioneer Electronics web site. Maybe Pioneer is no longer developing new BR players.

Anyone know if any of the current 2013 CES BR players have analog audio outputs in rear?

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