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I'm looking at TVs of this size, and wondering if anyone has experience with this Philips 47PFL5708/F7 TV yet?

It looks like a great value:
  • 47" 1080p IPS panel
  • 6.5ms Response Time
  • 120Hz "perfect motion rate" (if you like that sort of thing - although Amazon's description simply says "60Hz")
  • Matte surface (my preference)
  • "Scanning backlight" (does this imply an LED array vs. edge-lit?)

I really like the styling as it seems to have a super-thin bezel. Since I'll use it with an existing home theater setup, I don't care about its sound quality and I don't care about "smart TV" features... I just want a great monitor for a fair price, and on Amazon, the 47" is listed for just $517.27 (as of April 5, 2014).

I haven't found any substantive reviews for the 47" model yet, although the 32" version has some pretty good 5-star reviews on Amazon (and apparently the 32" is only US$249 at Costco).
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