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2017 Samsung "The Frame" UN65LS003 UN55LS003 Intermittent Issues

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My Frame TV is acting really weird, and despite all my efforts (including buying two replacement components) it's STILL glitching.

Problems started with the remote unpairing and Wi-Fi being lost intermittently. Resets were happening occasionally (quits whatever I’m doing to black screen, then shows The Frame logo and then Home Screen). Since it started happening I made a bunch of changes (see below) and have been using the set with an IR remote and Ethernet LAN connection.

What I tried:
Pairing remote (occasionally would, but mostly gives “Not Available” message and starts blinking red).
Powering off the set, unplugging the TV, removing batteries from remote.
Trying remote on another set (works fine at local box store).
Updating Firmware (fully updated)
Replaced Wi-Fi module
Replaced main board
Tested voltages at main board, Wi-Fi module, main SMPS, One Connect SMPS (the expected voltages were intermittently lower than expected at module, mirroring the loss of Wi-Fi/BT function).
Disabled BT in service menu settings (TV would still occasionally reset)
Disabled Wi-Fi in service menu settings (TV would still occasionally reset)
Disabled Watchdog (“seems” to not be resetting, but Wi-Fi and BT still lost intermittently)

More info:
Error counts are high for BT & Wi-Fi, but also for Serdes Error count (I suspect this has something to do with One Connect. Not sure)

I’m really hoping someone here has some ideas..
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No replies.. oh well. If someone out there has had similar problems, this is what at least got me a functional TV:
1. Enter the service menu with a generic Samsung infrared remote (mute, 1, 8, 2, power)
2. Disable "Watchdog"
3. Disable "Serdes Watchdog" (located in Error Count sub menu)
4. (Possibly optional) I also disabled Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (set to "wired")
5. (Likely unnecessary) I unplugged the BT module

Has thus far left me with a functional set except for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. All apps seem to work, Frame functionality with personal art work uploaded via USB. SmartThings app DOESN'T work as it needs both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi apparently.

If you do know anything that could help my situation please reach out. I'd really appreciate it.
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