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2020 Upgrade???

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I just received an upgrade offer for my 2020. The option to purchase ANOTHER UNIT!? $200.00 off a 3060?

Does this mean there is no hardware upgrade for my 2020? Ever?

I almost considered the offer until I read there will be NO COMPONENT VIDEO support.

RPTV! Fair Warning! COMPONENT VIDEO is here NOW!

Does anyone know if TIVO supports or plans to support Component Video?

Anyone? Anyone? Anyone?
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I'm just curious, what component video source to you plan on feeding INTO your ReplayTV?

Does your satellite receiver have component output? Your digital cable box? Analog TV reception is already composite so there would be no benefit there.


Steve Martin
The Widescreen Movie Center

What the heck IS "component video"?

I have heard of composite video, RF video, and s-video...

As far as audio goes, a I know what a component-level audio output is...

What's a component video out?

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Component video out would make some marginal sense. The record process does ultimately have to separate the three color components from the input signal (unless you're using an S-Video input), the playback will recombine them (either onto a single wire for Composit, or two for S-Video), then your display device re-separates them.

Using component outputs would eliminate those last two steps (recombining and reseparating). Although combining the signals is a pretty low-loss proposition, the separation at the TV probably just degrades that signal a little bit more.

Yes, it makes sense to have component outputs.

But, I figure whoever it is who keeps the firewire port from working, who insists on macrovision, and who'll forever preclude any raw digital video output, will probably also want to forbid component outputs.

In case you were wondering, I meant that last paragraph in jest -- mostly.
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I have a new Panasonic 16:9 HDTV with a Sharp Receiver for over the air digital broadcast, and as soon as I have access to the new DirecTV receivers for HDTV, I should be 100% Component Video. This is the only way to receive and display 480p, 720p, or 1080i broadcasts! (I believe)

The FCC is planning to fine the broadcasters that are not OFF the analog freqs by 2006! (they are dragging their feet)
DrJo, to answer your question......

I have seen component units with R-G-B, mine is Y, R-Y, and B-Y or something like that. It would appear the two are incompatible. The Mitsubishi receiver(RGB) does not work with the Panasonic TV, at least that is what the dealer tells me.

Thanks for the pointer --

Interesting reading...

I guess I've never seen anything that uses component video -- of course, I don't have a camcorder (no kids), my DVD player is already a few years old, and I don't have an HDTV receiver OR a wide-screen TV...

Taken as a whole, though:

Even when I upgrade my DVD, lets say to a unit with a component video out, I can't play it over my Panasonic Showstopper because of the macrovision protection... As far as I know Time Warner isn't going to HDTV with its Digital service any time soon (although there are a few HD test channels I can't get) the box hasn't got a component output now and anyways My TV in't HDTV ready, a boxtop set would have to down convert.... And Replay TV isn't HDTV ready either... Neither is Tivo as far as I know...

Let's say that by 2003 channels start being broadcast in HDTV mode (I'll believe it when I see it), and by 2005, they are all HDTV (ditto)... By then you'll have used the 3060 for 3-4 years... My DVD player is basically obsolete (I can't play any of the discs with new features -- Like The Matrix), after TWO years...And I paid ALMOST as much as I just did for a 3030 Showstopper... I guess my point is that with the PACE that technology moves at, I no longer buy home electronics expecting it to be usefull for more than 3 or 4 years anyways... I'm happy to use what I can now -- and I can wait for the component video outs...



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