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I'm looking for a 24"-32" UHD monitor to use for video, and couldn't figure out if such an animal exists at this point.

The first question you'd have is "why??". This isn't for casual or pleasure viewing. It's for directing HD video productions, and we have a multiviewer that displays 2x2 (or more) HD signals out of a UHD HDMI port. The director sits 2-3 ft. away from the display, and we'd like to have this extra sharpness. It allows, for example, leaning in to pixel-peep and immediately determine "is this camera in focus?".


1. "Proper" TVs - I haven't seen anything under 40". Those are too big and bulky to haul on location.

2. UHD computer monitors as a TV. We mostly deal with progressive video these days (thank goodness), but the signals may still be PsF and I'd like to know I could trust the display as a legitimate video monitor. For example, if I need to feed it 1080i one evening.

I couldn't find any info whether those monitors have the extra circuitry to properly deinterlace & upscale video, or any other signal processing features that currently slip my mind and set computer monitors apart from video monitors.
For example, Googling "Samsung UE590 +interlace" brings.. zero results. On the ASUS PB287Q, I found "video processing is minimalistic and lacks majority of features carried by most budget HDTVs. No 24Hz playback is available... playback is achieved in 60Hz and comes along with judder as well as 1080i de-interlacing."

Update: turns out Lilliput, which makes low-budget professional monitors, has 24" and 28" versions for ~$1000 each, which isn't bad. I still wonder if any consumer displays can fit the bill.
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