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24/96 DVD's

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I was wondering what the Favorite or best 24/96 recording is.

Also can anyone tell me how to determine if a recording is 24/96 and is there a website that deals with or focuses on these recordings.

Anyway where id there a list of titles and a good place to order one of these recordings.

The reason behind this is that I am getting a sony playstation 2 on the 26 of this month and would like to check it for 24/96 capability.

I know not a great transport for a Casa Nova but I am not real excited about buying a new player right now when the technology is all over the place. So I wanted a playstation and now it appears to be more valuable then I expected I want too much from my next player and if I were to buy now it would be a pioneer elite the 37 I believe but even then no DVDA no SACD.

Anyhow help with this 24/96 thing so I can at least have a test disc.


Kind Regards,

Nate-Dogg http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif
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Just ordered sex without bodies. This music is new to me I am a 23 year old rock/alternative/(some country & Classic rock) type of listener so the types of music I listen to are not readily available on DAD as I have come to call it.

I was wondering is there intentions to carry on with this format in the Face of SACD and DVDA? I think it would be a great idea considering most people have systems that are already capable of this format.

So where do I go to see future releases? Are there any 24/96 rock country or alternative type of recordings?

Thanks Dave I will post my impressions if the PS2 can pass 24/96 if not lookslike I'll be getting the pioneer 333!

Thanks Dude!

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Ya know what?

I have some mo-fi recordings that are a clear level above red book Cd's.

how could mo-fi go out of biz?

That sucks that DAD is dead!

Looks like there still might be a chance that My Dac's in the Nova may need to be 24/192 unless SACD wins. Oh well just wishfull thinking...............

I doubt the PS2 will even support DAD so looks like I'm ready to watch the storm pass. Come on DVDA or SACD can there be both? I want to see this thing start shaking down.

I still think the mobile-fidelity recordings are beautifull gorgeous outstanding!

I hate the fact that they went under!

So whats your fav mo-fi all-star?

Strange but true the nate-dogg has bud-ice on the brain.....

Wasssssss Up!
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I' Forty two, give me:

Brain Salad Surgery by Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

I can't wait to feel the moog oozing about the room in:

"In the beginning."

All those great quad recordings from the seventies are going to come out in DVD-A. Yippie.

I guess next will be Rick Wakeman's Journey to the Centre of the earth... and Jeff beck Blow by Blow. Santana Abraxas...
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And you're in luck because Brain Salad Surgery is in the first batch of DVD-Audio discs to be released.

I just got a 24/96 upsampler/jitter-reduction box from Assemblage. I'm not interested in debating whether upsampling to 24/96 from a Red Book CD at 16/44.1 works. I've only had a couple of hours opportunity to listen, and that had to be done in the late evening, after the kids were asleep, so it wasn't at "reference" levels.

My first impression is that the upsampling seems to improve the sound 'bout halfway between CD and DAD. I don't have any disks in both formats, so I can't really say.

It is absolutely clear that things sound different, and my subjective impression is that they sound much better. Without thinking about it, I noticed that I was more drawn into the music, and was appreciating dynamic contrasts more (did I mention that I'm a Linn-ite? http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif ).

Time will tell, but I'm inclined to think that this device isn't going back after the 30-day trial period.


P.S. For Casanova owners (Nathan), 24/96 bypasses Circle Surround, but 24/48 will work with CS. I haven't had enough time to decide on the trade-offs yet.
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