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"24" Day 3 - that's a wrap

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Another end to another very bad day for Jack Bauer - and a long wait for his next very bad day as 24 moves to Monday nights next season and doesn't premiere 'till January, albeit in 720p HD, finally.

Was this season up to snuff? Does anyone care what happened to Chase's baby? Should Kim come back and dress more revealingly? How 'bout that final "Bauer Moment" (let's give him a hand!)....? Discuss amongst yourselves....
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Good but not great season. It was hard to top the first two seasons but they did a good job overall. I was dissappointed that something awful didn't happen at the end. Last season the president got some disgusting disease, before that Jack's wife got capped, this year Jack cries in his car!?
I was disappointed that they didn't explain what happened to the president at the end of season 2. It seems like the first twelve hours are a waste of time plotwise. I really enjoy the show, but the pointless plot twists and side stories to arbitrarily lengthen the day don't enthrall me. Overall I think this season was weak, despite the strong premise. However, I did enjoy it for the most part.
I actually thought this season was more gripping than last season. The awful thing at the end was the axe about 45 minutes in.
I thought it was a fun season to watch. The story moved quicker than previous seasons with more plot lines wrapped up each week and new one's started. It was satisfying to see Sherry get her just desserts and I was surprised the President resigned before pardoning Tony.

This show has a high male quotient meaning that the writers need to find excuses to have Kim prance around in her underwear or at least a string bikini. :)
I liked this season too. Though I hated Kim's hair cut.

They did seem to ignore Palmer's "illness," which went against what they were saying prior to this season, where it would factor into his ability to do his job.
The only thing I noticed about the "illness" lately when he was holding the cell phone to his ear outside when he met Sherry. You could still see the scar.

But I'm not expecting any more than that. It was made clear sometime in the beginning of the season he had recovered.

This whole season was better than the 2nd half of last year.
I thought it was funny that only seven minutes elapsed between the axe scene (12:47) and the hospital scene (12:54+/-) where Jack was on the phone telling Kim that Chase was already in surgery and that the doc's were "optimistic!" Real time, indeed!

This season was much better than last season (#2), but I want to know how they are going to get Sherry back into season 4, because they always seem to drag her, Kim and Nina into the story.

Let's see, next season Kim and Chase are on vacation at the beach, and while Kim is in a string bikini, Nina dredged up the ghost of Sherry to kill Kim, or at least start some kind of kinky threesome. Ah, yes, Fox primetime
Originally posted by jkeane
I was surprised the President resigned before pardoning Tony.
He said he was not running for re-election. He isn't resigning. He still has a chance for that pardon!

Good season not a great season. Here are a few things that bugged me:

-Tony got shot in the NECK!!!! And hours later he is taking command of CTU with no problem.

-As said above, they never explain what was wrong with the prez.

-Kim never wore and skimpy outifts. (see season 1)

-Jack kicked his heroin habit in about 2 hours. I'm no expert in drugs, but i say you can just shoot up once and then be fine for the next 20 hours.

-Tony's wife didnt get the virus. What bullsh*t. Everybody in that hotel got it and she had the most contact with everyone. But that would ruin all the awkward moments between her and Tony in the last episode.

-What was the point of Chase having a kid? Besides that goose chase we had in that one episode?

Now with that being said, 24 was still one of the best shows on TV this year. Buts its been a disappointing season with a disappointing finale. I saw Saunders dying from a mile away, but I never would have thought that Jack would have chopped Chase's arm off.
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I liked this season a little better than the second. The Palmer storyline was just boring though.
24 tries to be very bold, and it generally succeeds. I could point out some annoyances (please don't subject us to more Chloe in season 4!), but I appreciate this show.

The sacrifices Jack and company made this season were significant:

-- Jack's heroin addiction

-- Chapelle sacrificing his life (and Jack taking it)

-- Gaelle getting the virus while trying to disable the dispersal unit

-- Michelle going into the hotel after the virus was released

-- Michelle going back to Saunders after escaping

-- Chase's hand (ouch!) ["Due to some graphic violence..."]

I think the boldest moment of the show was the ending. Here we have our hero, after stopping a terrorist threat that would have caused the horrific deaths of thousands (or millions), and as he reflects on what he has done...he breaks down and sobs like a baby. That was powerful.
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I don't really care about Palmer's illness - he recovered - what else do we need to know? This is 3 years later and any impact the illness had was not really relevent after 3 years.

I was waiting for Jack to make it very clear to Chase that even though he may be getting out of field ops because he doesn't want to be "disconnected", Jack has no problem being disconnected, and "if you hurt my daughter, I've already shown that I'm willing to put a gun to your head and pull the trigger".

A better "shocking" ending (like we've become accustomed to) would be if Jack had cut off the wrong hand on the first swing :D

Or Jack could have had his "emmy moment" crying scene after running in fear from Chase and the virus bomb. Chase gets infected and we have a mini-season called 5 that's run in the summer covering Chases last 5 hours. :D
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Originally posted by CPanther95
A better "shocking" ending (like we've become accustomed to) would be if Jack had cut off the wrong hand on the first swing :D
I would have been on the floor laughing if thats how it went down. I could just imagine Keifer saying "whoops, wrong hand." :D

I agree that the presidents hand isn't a major thing, but in the first few hours, his doctor girlfriend was checking it asking if it hurt. That was the perfect time to end any speculation about the hand but instead they didnt address it leaving all of us curious.

It would be like Jacks wife dying in the first season and the beginning of the second, she is fine making jack and kim soup. We would be going crazy on what the hell happened. :(

I read that the writers from this show just start writing and have no A to B point. Which is why there are so many twists, but also why there are so many plot lines dropped. We should buy them a bullitin board to pur plot lines on, so they no longer just forget about them. (Palmers girlfriend and that arson thing, anyone?)
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Originally posted by jkeane

This show has a high male quotient meaning that the writers need to find excuses to have Kim prance around in her underwear or at least a string bikini. :) [/b]
Hey, that's Jack's daughter you're talking about.;)
I'm looking forward to the schedule change. They said that they will run it in continuance on Monday nights. The hiatus they take every year seems to lose my interest. I missed a number of episodes after the "break" and my wife quit watching it until last night. All in all, it was a good season.
Considering everything else that is on TV, this was a great season for 24. Although, I wished they would limited the plot lines a little. It seemed to me that they tried to work the show so that if you came in midseason, you wouldn't be completely lost. That was some of the harsh critisism from previous years.

As for Kim, yeah more skin would have been better.

As for Chase, well talk about a season finaly. Nothing like getting your hand cut off. All I could say is whoa! Personally if Jack got a new partner every season, it would be nice as it would add new flavor to Jack's sidekick.

I'm glad the president's wife is dead. She was getting on my nerves. The president's brother was kind of pointless in my opinion.

Overall, great season and looking forward to next year. My guess it'll be an assination plot or nuke eplosion in a foreign country where Jack is loaned to help along with CTU.
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I wonder what do they do next season? Send Jack overseas?
Hey, that's Jack's daughter you're talking about.
Please don't report me to him.
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